domingo, abril 24, 2011


I decided to revive my blog! :D (Also I decided to start posting in English)
I have been posting a lot of fake in-game screenshots that I've been doing in the TigSource Forums for personal study and for the fun of it. So I decided to post them here too. Until now, 6 mockups and game ideas were done, here they are:

PS. The images are very small, you might want to click on them to increase their size.

A game about turning every citizen red and avoiding getting caught by the Greens while doing that.

A game about digging a cave while protecting your people against hordes of monsters.

A game that you control an awesome war tank in a battlefield, well... not exactly the tank but its weapon system (only 3 buttons: homing missiles, cannon and machine gun) and the tank moves aways to the right in Canabalt style in a procedural battlefield. You need to choose carefully when to shoot and what to shoot - your ammo is limited.
Different enemies are taken down by different weapons, or even different weapon combinations and timing.

A game about surviving in an island, finding food, water, building a camp, stuff like that. Platform view (as aways) with a map to travel to far places and to see important landmarks.
Mockups inpired by Niklas Jansson and Commandos HUD.

A 2 player game, one player builds and controls a fortress and the other player has to sabotage it. Bleh.. Not very inspired today.

It's a point and click platformer/adventure game. The protagonist is a medic in a spaceship called "The Pioneer" that wakes up somewhere in the space with the whole crew dead. Most of them died in the cryo-chambers due to energy failures.
Paranoid, in a spaceship light-years from earth and completely alone, his priority now is survival.
Inspired by [url=]7 Days A Skeptic[/url] and Alien. (But this game would not contain any evil aliens assassins)

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